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Irs stekkers Elektriciteit
Snoertjes, stekkertjes enzo
8 auustus 2008 - De eenwording van Europa heeft er nog niet toe geleid dat je overal 'zomaar' je elktrische apparaten kunt gebruiken. Darom even een paar kanttekeningen bij de situatie die je in Ierland zult aantreffen.

Atmosperic Railway History
The Atmospheric Railway 1843 -1854
November 14, 2007 - The great success of the railway between Dublin and Kingstown, constructed in the years 1832-4, resulted in a lot of schemes for other railways all over Ireland. The first priority was considered to be the extension of the Kingstown line southward towards Bray. This would no doubt have been carried out, but for a new system of propulsion championed by the eminent engineer Brunel, known as the Atmospheric system, in which the engine supplying the power was stationary, and the train was drawn along by the suction of a plug or piston through a tube.

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