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Meet the people who make Dublin a vibrant city

Published October 31, 2005 | by: Huib Zegers

"Every disadvantage has its advantage", is a much cited remark from my famous compatriot Johan Cruyff. Or in plain English: 'every cloud has a silver lining'. And perhaps that is the best way to describe the rather accidental birth of this website.

Huib Zegers at the busstop in Delgany, Co. Wicklow | 2005 - Huib Zegers

I am a journalist and as I mainly worked for IT related websites and magazines I was happily working away from home, first in the Netherlands and later from the town centre of Greystones, Co. Wicklow. After the dramatic events on that now infamous September 11th 2001, the sharp decline in IT expenditure was reflected in the advertising budgets of IT companies worldwide. IT magazines and websites alike perished and others had to cut costs considerably. Obviously the freelance correspondents were to suffer heavily.

Within eightteen months of that fatal date I had lost nearly three quarters of my order portfolio. Living near Dublin, one of the most expensive capital cities in the EU, I had to find ways to supplement my income. Hence I took up a few jobs in the versatile IT world.

At that point my life as a Dublin commuter started. Most people I know find commuting a waste of time. I have to disagree. During my daily trips in and out Dublin's fair city I read the paper, listen to the radio and above all observe people.

The soul of Dublin
People, more than anything else, are the fabric of a living city. The passengers on the Dart, Luas and bus or indeed the motorists in the traffic jam, make up the face of Dublin. All those commuters, students, tourists and shoppers are heading somewhere, for some reason. Their lives, their stories are the true soul of Dublin.

I decided to combine my new situation and my old profession to introduce you to your fellow travellers as they make their way through streets broad and narrow of one of the finest cities I know.

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