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Western Commuter

Often referred to as the Maynooth line as many of the commuter trains terminate in Maynooth. As the number of people living in the area served by the Western Commuter has exploded the peak hour trains are nowadays called: Bombay or Calcutta Express.

Leixlip Louisa Bridge
Leixlip Confey
Phoenix Park
Broombridge ===> Docklands
Dublin Connolly Station
Tara Streey
Dublin Pearse Station

This service had been operated as a limited service from November 1981 until 1990, serving Ashtown (opened January 1982), Clonsilla, Leixlip (now Leixlip Louisa Bridge) and Maynooth. In 1990, new stations were opened at Broombridge, Castleknock, Coolmine and Leixlip Confey. Another station at Drumcondra was re-opened in March 1998.

Most of the station buildings on this line were a mixture of small block built booking offices and converted steel cabins and there was still a limited service owing to the single track between Clonsilla and Maynooth. In 1999-2000 a major upgrade project took place, with the upgrading of the line between Clonsilla and Maynooth to double track, the entire line being upgraded to continuous welded rail, the building of permanent station buildings at all stations except Broombridge, the replacement of the semaphore signalling with computerised traffic control, and the provision of real time information displays at stations (these have, apart from at Drumcondra and now Phoenix Park station, never been activated however).

Destination Clonsilla - © Huib Zegers> Since 12 March 2007, several additional weekday services operate on the Maynooth line. However these will only operate from Clonsilla, serving the existing stations to Broombridge, and then terminate at the new Docklands railway station. They do not serve either Drumcondra or the central Dublin stations, or the stations beyond Clonsilla. It is planned that these services will run on the branch to Littlepace, and eventually <a href=Navan, becoming the proposed Meath Commuter service. In the 2008 timetable a couple of the day time services from and to Clonsilla have been withdrawn from Docklands Station and are now operating to and from Connolly Station (and thus serving Drumcondra).

Transport 21 envisages electrification as far as Maynooth by 2015. Under CIÉ's Interconnector project, upon electrification of this line and opening of the Interconnector, the existing the existing Maynooth line service would be replaced by one of two DART lines, running from Maynooth to Bray/Greystones. The service would also be directly connected to the rest of the DART/Commuter network at Dublin Pearse.

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