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Kildare project

The Kildare Route Project is a major capital investment project designed to increase the frequency of commuter and other services along the key Kildare to Heuston corridor, to allow thousands more commuters every day use rail services.

This will be achieved through increasing the number of tracks from two to four along the route from Cherry Orchard to west of Hazelhatch, providing two dedicated lines for commuter services and two dedicated lines for Intercity and regional services.

Other major works covered by the project include the replacement or alteration of a number of road overbridges to facilitate the four-tracking; new and relocated stations; enhancement of existing stations; and associated signalling between Inchicore and Cherryville Junction and other works.

On 5th December 2006, The Minister for Transport made an Order under Section 43 of the Transport (Railway Infrastructure) Act 2001. This Order authorises CIE, subject to conditions, to quadruple a section of track between Le Fanu Road, Inchicore to west of Cherryfield Junction in Kildare on the Heuston-Cork line, as well as associated ancillary works such as station developments.

Project construction commenced mid 2007, after enabling works took place. These included activities such as relocation of utility services, erection of temporary fencing, establishing site compounds and access routes, track realignment works, site preparation and consultation with stakeholders.

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